A Cannabis Town Hall and Policy Briefing - Let's Spark a Conversation

Wednesday September 20 1-5pm

1230 9th street NW Restaurant & Champagne lounge


Focused on the premise that African Americans and Latinos are incarcerated and harassed over minor nonviolent cannabis violations at an exacerbated rate in comparison to other demographics with the same charges and in areas where cannabis has either been legalized or decriminalized in some manner. We are bringing in reps from national cannabis coalitions, Congressional reps that work with the House Cannabis Committee, policy makers, investors and entrepreneurs in the sector; to discuss what opportunities and obstacles stand in the barrier of entry for minorities to be producers and contributors in the cannabis industry.

Ideations and Libations

Thursday September 21 5-8:30pm
1230 9th street NW Restaurant & Champagne Lounge


A panel and private reception focused on discussing what options do we have to raise and distribute capital to key components of the community and reinvest money into black businesses in order to stimulate growth and opportunity. We are bringing together 5-8 panelists and plan on live-streaming an active conversation on how we can matriculate funds to small business owners and entrepreneurs and what do they need to bring to the table to be competitive and desirable for their portfolios.

Partners and Sponsors